Announcing a Brand New Project

You may know Carl Richards as the creator of the weekly Sketch Guy column in the New York Times. I first met Carl when I heard him speak at a Meetup. At that time, I was building my startup and I was unsure about what I was doing. I needed to hear the story of another entrepreneur to get back to inspiration.

Carl’s story did the trick.

Carl shared his journey from sketching financial concepts on napkins for clients to crafting a life’s work around taking the complex and making it simple. It lit a spark within me. I thought about Carl’s simple sketches for hours after I saw them. I wanted to share them with everyone I knew — and quickly became a super fan of Carl’s work.

Years later, I faced a new challenge: I decided to leave my day job to write my first book. I knew it would be an even better project if Carl was involved. It turns out, Carl was as full of possibility as I was! He shares why in this video.

The collaboration is now available for you to be part of, too. The pre-order campaign is live from now until October 15, 2017. The support so far has been remarkable. It would be amazing to have you with us for the journey! Learn more about the project here.

With gratitude,

I’d love to send you a high-res image of first sketch to hear what you think. Email me at and I’ll send it your way.

Jacqueline Jensen is a COO, former venture-backed startup founder, TEDx speaker, author, and Royal Society of Arts Fellow.

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